New Functionality in Version 4.3

New Interfaces and Features

  • New Separator feature in the Lithium-Ion Battery and Battery with Binary Electrolyte interfaces.
  • New Electrode, Shell interface for modeling electrodes in shells.
  • New Electrode Potential, Reference Electrode, and Electric Reference Potential features for handling potentiostatic control of electrochemical cells in all Electrochemistry interfaces.

Improved Functionality

  • To improve the solver performance, the porous electrode solid concentration variable cs (Battery with Binary Electrolyte and Lithium Ion Battery interfaces) is now treated as a field. Models created prior to 4.3 with solver sequences that have been manually altered to disable solving for the cs variables will lose that setting.
  • Improved stabilization of porous electrode coupling reaction terms in the Transport of Concentrated Species, Transport of Diluted Species, Reacting Flow, and Tertiary Current Distribution, Nernst-Planck interfaces.

New Models

  • All-solid-state lithium-ion battery model.
  • Capacity fade model, using the new Events interface to simulate battery capacity loss during cycling.