Vendorstring is not correct

Solution Number: 1228
Title: Vendorstring is not correct
Platform: All Platforms
Versions: All versions
Categories: Installation, Error Messages

Problem Description

When using the COMSOL 5.2a license file, I receive the error "Vendorstring is not correct" when starting COMSOL version 5.2 or earlier. COMSOL 5.2a works fine. What is the problem?


For licenses that use a license manager:

This error was due to a short-lived bug in the COMSOL 5.2a license file generation tool. It has now been fixed, and the problem will be solved by requesting a new license file from your COMSOL representative. Contact us via COMSOL Access or send an email to

For licenses that do not use a license manager:

The error will occur only if you manually replaced the license.dat file in your older installation. Make sure to install all your COMSOL versions with the corresponding license files.


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