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AltaSim Technologies Joins the Global Fight Against Malaria

Innovative passive solar mosquito trap nears distribution in developing nations

Columbus, Ohio, September 09, 2009 – AltaSim Technologies joined with inventor Tom Kruer of Gizmotech, to develop a mosquito trap for use in developing countries. The trap will help prevent the spread of malaria without the environmental impact of insecticides. Estimates show that malaria causes over 1 million people die per year with a child dying every 30 seconds. Beyond the human toll, the economies of affected countries may lose billions of US dollars per year causing a downward spiral of poverty.

The small cone-shaped trap designed by Tom Kruer uses passive solar heat in conjunction with an attractant to provide effective and affordable control of mosquitoes. During the day the phase change wax absorbs solar energy thus eliminating the need for costly photovoltaic cells or batteries. At night heat is released from the wax at the approximate temperature of the human body causing release of an attractant derived from human sweat. The innovative trap mimics the scent, moisture, and temperature profile of a sleeping body; mosquitoes are attracted into the cone where they are trapped for easy disposal.

AltaSim Technologies used COMSOL Multiphysics® to analyze fluid flow and thermal distribution in the trap and subsequently optimize the temperature and flow velocities to ensure effective operation.  The analytical approach provided rapid verification of the concept and allowed optimization of the design without expensive and time consuming prototype development. The device will be manufactured and distributed by Sun Night Solar of Houston, TX. Mark Bent, President and CEO of Sun Night Solar, said they “aim to test the product in up to 10 countries in the next months”.

Kyle C. Koppenhoefer, PhD., a Principal of AltaSim Technologies, explained the company’s decision to become involved with the project: “Embedded in our mission is a commitment to make innovative technology accessible for the benefit of society.  Our multiphysics computational analysis capabilities helped get this mosquito trap into use quickly to start saving lives.”

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