The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical disciplines. You can download ready-to-use tutorial models and demo apps with step-by-step instructions for how to create them yourself. The examples in the gallery serve as a great starting point for your own simulation work.

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Flow Through a Uniform Inclined Screen

This model simulates the flow through a uniform inclined screen using the Screen feature in Single-Phase Flow physics and compares the results with an analytic solution.

NACA Airfoil Optimization

The aerodynamic properties of a wing, propeller, or turbine blade are to a large extent determined by the precise shape of the airfoil that is used. The NACA Airfoil Optimization application computes the two main aerodynamic properties (the lift and drag coefficients) of a fully parameterized NACA airfoil. It can be used to visualize how changes to the airfoil thickness, camber, and chord length ...

1D Step Bearing

This benchmark model computes the load-carrying capacity of a one dimensional hydrodynamic step bearing. The results are compared with analytic expressions obtained by solving the Reynolds equations directly in this simple case.

Blog Model: Simulation Helps Reduce Sloshing in Vehicles

Sloshing occurs in the tanks of vehicles during rapid acceleration and braking. This can be significantly reduced by inserting internal baffles into the tanks, positioned in a way so that the amplitude of the sloshing oscillation is dampened. Simulation can help to estimate effective designs for the baffles. The model investigates the two-phase flow in a realistic tank geometry, while tracking ...