Linear Magnetostrictive Transducer

Application ID: 11709

This tutorial shows a 3D model of a magnetostrictive transducer. The magnetostrictive core is made of Terfenol-D. The material behavior is assumed to be linear but magnetomechanically coupled. The core is surrounded by a coil. The transducer housing is made of a ferromagnetic material. The model is solved on a one-quarter symmetric geometry.

The static model is solved for different values of drive current in the coil and load acting on the transducer. The results from the static analysis shows some of the important transducer characteristics such as Actuator Load Line and sensing performance.

The dynamic model is solved for a constant drive current and a large range of frequency. The results from the frequency domain analysis shows the resonance and antiresonance in the frequency response of the tip displacement of the transducer. It also shows the induced current in the Terfenol core as well as the magnetic housing and the consequent change in the drive coil impedance as a function of frequency.