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2D transient pressure field from a boundary

Robert Malkin, University of Bristol

This very simple 2D transient model uses the Acoustic Module to show how a pressure wave propagates in time.

The scenario is a simple 2D rectangle with one boundary acting as the source of the pressure field and the other 3 are given wave radiation boundaries so that there is minimum reflection.

The model is made up so that you can define:

1) The frequency of the pulse
2) How many pulses you wish to simulate

The model is handy as it shows you how to create a boundary condition which varies in time.

Also, the model has been made so that the mesh (which is frequency dependant) is generated automatically. I think its quite nice and should help with some basic models of acoustics.

This model is similar to the Gauss explosion model.

Also, please note that the time stepping has been defined in the global definitions> parameters along with other values.

Thanks goes to Glenston Miranda for the function.


ps, Check Pressure 1 for the function which defines the BC.

User Comments

Glenston Miranda
Jan 16, 2012 at 5:20pm UTC

Its not opening in 4.2. Is it a 4.2a model?
Can you model it in 4.2 so that i can have a look at it.


chen dj
May 11, 2013 at 2:11am UTC

Well, it's usefull to simulate the acoustic soure which is assumed to be a short pulse acoustic generator

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