Specification Chart Uncovers Solutions to your Engineering Problems

Fanny Littmarck December 11, 2012
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With a suite of simulation software wide enough to cover all application areas in engineering and science, we want to ensure that you find the product combination that fits your unique problem — without sending you on a “wild goose chase”. Our Specification Chart was crafted with you, and your engineering problems, in mind.

You’re One Step Closer to Solving your Engineering Problems

We at COMSOL don’t believe in hiding what our software can or cannot do. We want you to spend less time looking for the tool you need, and more time actually using it. That is why our Specification Chart puts it all out in the open.

Set up in a pivot-table fashion, there are two ways you can browse the spec chart. The left-hand column offers an application area perspective. Selecting one of these tabs will narrow down your scope to a particular application. This will display the features and capabilities across COMSOL Multiphysics and its add-on modules for the application you selected. This is great if you know which application area you will be working in, but not sure of which modules provide the best solution to your problem.

COMSOL Multiphysics specification chart helps find solutions to engineering problems

You can also choose to display “All Features”, and select any combination of products across the top. Doing so will highlight the columns, providing you with a view of what each of the modules can do in a given application area. Of course, you could also combine both methods and select an application area and highlight specific modules. We have compiled the specification chart to help you find the product combination that best suits you. How you use the tool, is up to you.

As we continue to update COMSOL with new products and features, the spec chart is updated as well. Go ahead, cross-tab your way to the perfect fit for your engineering simulation problem with the Specification Chart.

(We also have a separate CAD Specification Chart!)


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