COMSOL 4.3 Release Highlights Now Online

Fanny Littmarck May 14, 2012
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The release of COMSOL 4.3 is a big deal. My colleagues have been working very hard on this release, and lately water cooler conversations have been less about sporting events and more about what’s coming in version 4.3, and when it will be ready. Many are saying that this is “our best release yet”. Now it’s finally time to unveil what the fuss around version 4.3 is all about — and we bring it to you first via the COMSOL Blog.

Solar Panel modeled in COMSOL Multiphysics CFD Module

Today we published the COMSOL 4.3 Release Highlights on our website, and I encourage you to visit that page to delve deeper into what’s new.

In short, the 10 major pieces of news in this upcoming version are broken into the following topic areas:

  • Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
  • Pipe Flow Module
  • Corrosion Module
  • Mesh selections
  • Faster meshing for CAD
  • New nonlinear solver
  • Rotating electrical machinery and automatic coil excitation
  • Turbulent mixing
  • Solar irradiation
  • Fast far-field plots

In our Friday poll on the COMSOL Multiphysics Facebook page we asked “Are you excited for the upcoming release of COMSOL version 4.3?”.

As you can see in the above screenshot, a majority of respondents claimed that they were indeed excited for the upcoming new release. With three brand new products and many new and improved features, is it really possible not to be excited for 4.3? We don’t think so. After checking out the new COMSOL 4.3 Release Highlights page and finding out more about it, are you anxious to get your hands on this version of COMSOL?



  1. Ivar Kjelberg May 14, 2012   2:51 pm

    I did’nt tick “excited” because it’s not the word I would have used, but indeed I had high expectations for your new release, and from what I read and see above there are more than expected. So I’m eager to test it out soon ;)
    Certainly I will continue to have fun COMSOLing …
    A special thanks to all your application engineers that listen to our comments and suggestions, and that rapidly put them in action for us.

  2. Trevor Munroe May 14, 2012   4:10 pm

    The structural module in 4.2a does nonlinear structural analysis already. It is my understanding that this will no longer be the case. This capability will now reside in the new module. Does this mean I have to buy the new module to get back capabilities that I already have in 4.2a????

  3. Trevor Munroe May 14, 2012   4:14 pm

    Oh, of course I am always excited to see what is in a new release. There are many new features in 4.2a that will be of use to me. I am also eager test it out.


  4. James D. Freels May 15, 2012   10:34 pm

    Trevor, I was told that existing structural mechanic module owners will get the new nonlinear structural mechanic module at no cost. However, long-term, we must maintain both modules hereafter. I have been exercising the nonlinear aspects of the contact pairs lately, so I look forward to this improvement.

    Will you be headed to Boston this Fall ?

  5. Tejash Patel May 16, 2012   4:06 pm

    Will 4.3 allow for easier union formation via solidworks live link (less error 900)?

  6. Fanny Littmarck May 17, 2012   2:15 pm

    Hello Trevor and Jim,

    The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module will indeed be provided to holders of an on-subscription license for the Structural Mechanics Module or MEMS Module at no initial charge.

    While nonlinear material laws previously found in the Structural and MEMS Module will now be found in the Nonlinear Structural Materials Module, other types of nonlinear behaviors (such as geometric nonlinearity and contact) remain in the Structural Mechanics Module and MEMS Module.

    The specifications chart found at this link details what features are found in which module:

  7. Fanny Littmarck May 18, 2012   10:34 am

    Hello Tejash,

    The 4.3 version of LiveLink for CAD products, and the CAD Import Module, include an updated version of the Parasolid geometry kernel. This should result in improved robustness for geometry operations in certain situations. However, the described internal error from the union operation usually indicates that there are accuracy issues with the alignment of geometry objects, causing the union operation to fail. If you can submit the problematic CAD file to COMSOL support we will be able to examine why this is happening in your case. If it turns out to be a bug in the code we can then take measures to fix it for coming patches or releases, and we will also provide suggestions for changes that can be done to avoid the problem.

  8. Trevor Munroe June 4, 2012   4:43 pm

    Jim, I will be heading to Boston in October. I am looking forward to see what you will be presenting this year. As for the new nonlinear structural module, I am somewhat concern with losing capabilities that already exist in 4.2a structural module. Usually for new release of a code (module in this case), new capabilities are usually added and not existing ones taken away. As you pointed out, mechanic module owners will get the new nonlinear structural mechanic module at no cost but for the long-term, we must maintain both modules hereafter (this may not be so easy for everyone though the cost seems so low). I am concern that in the future there will be more splits (mitosis effect).

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