Reducing Noise in Wind Turbines

Phil Kinnane | April 9, 2012

Wind turbines are an expensive investment and once they’re up, they’re up. An article from last year’s COMSOL News points to how modeling can also help in remedying problems, if it’s too late to have built the perfect design from the beginning. With wind turbines, noise is of course the problem.

Phil Kinnane | March 22, 2012

When it rains, it pours. Someone reading the previous blog posts I have been writing about wind turbines, sent me the following link to an article written in the Journal of Windpower Engineering & Development. This is a great piece that discusses the topic of lightning strikes and how their decommissioning of turbine blades affects whole wind farms. The author, Melanie Scott, presents a software that analyzes the prevalence of probable lightning strikes to wind farms based on both historical […]


Phil Kinnane | March 16, 2012

Following up on my previous blog post about protecting wind turbines from lightning strikes, I got to thinking about other modeling aspects of wind turbines. Structural mechanics is of course important, and we have a couple of models that center on this.

Phil Kinnane | March 19, 2012

While you may think that the prevalence of lightning strikes, would be a reason for not wanting wind turbines in your backyard, noise is apparently another reason. While this has become less of a problem in recent years, the noise is still there, and is always there whenever the wind blows.