COMSOL Multiphysics Intensive Training (2 Days)

Date and location

City: Zoetermeer
Date: December 8 - 9, 2014
Location: COMSOL BV
Röntgenlaan 37
2719 DX Zoetermeer


We start at an introductory level, then lead the student through topics needed in all analyses (interactive meshing techniques, choosing solvers, etc) and then into advanced topics (coupling variables, adding and modifying equations) using lecture, worked examples and workshop problems. The goal is to immerse the student in all of the main aspects of using COMSOL so that he or she can feel comfortable with most of the commands accessible from the user interface and confident that they can be productive solving simulation problems with COMSOL.

Day 1, 09:00-17:00

By considering a variety of models we will bring out points to help you get the most out of each step in the modeling process.
In particular we will consider...

  • Modeling with COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Geometry modeling in 2D and 3D
  • Specifying physics condition
  • Couplings between physics
  • Using expressions
  • Controlling mesh generation
  • Analysis type and solver choices
  • Post-processing options

Day 2, 09:00-17:00

By considering a variety of models we will bring out points to help you get the most out of each step in the process.
In particular we will consider...

  • Solvers available and options
  • Advanced geometry modeling
  • Controlling the degrees of freedom
  • Advanced and interactive meshing
  • Standard and advanced post-processing options
  • Using external functions in the material parameters
  • Non-local coupling variables (extended multiphysics)

According to the length of the course and the interests of the participants, some or all of the above will be considered.


Frank van Gool

He holds a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering, with a focus on multiphase subsurface flow, such as viscous fingering in foam using non-newtonian fluids or water-gas-oil mixture subsurface flow. Gained further expertise in geometry handling, meshing, computational mathematics, and (soil)mechanics from previous work experience. After joining COMSOL he increased his expertise in a wide range of applied physics eg. CFD, heat transfer, electro-magnetism.

Suggested Background

This course is suitable for anyone interested in using COMSOL Multiphysics for the mathematical modeling of physics phenomena such as heat transfer, transport phenomena, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, photonics, structural mechanics, and acoustics. No previous experience with COMSOL Multiphysics is required.


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The fee for this two-day course is € 1350 per person. Academic discounts are available upon request.
All prices exclude VAT. Charges include course materials, lunch and tea/coffee.

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